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Weber 1100 LT.

Weber 1100 LT.

Nominal volume: 1100 lt.
Nominal working load: 450 kg
Dead weight: 58 kg 
Nominal WEBER large refuse containers are manufactured according to DIN 30700 / EN 840 
Standard emptying both via DIN chute and toothed chute. 
Manufactured from new basic material only 
Resistant to UV, cold, heat and chemicals, 
Well-placed handles for convenient handling 
Smooth-running, solid rubber tyres on Ø 200 mm heavy duty castors 
All metal parts have been galvanised and are therefore protected against corrosion. 
Embossing, hot stamping and screen printing possible 
Prepared to accommodate data carriers 
Available in all colours required 
The containers comply with the noise protection ordinance according to the EU Directive and bear the guaranteed acoustic power (CE) mark. 
When service life ends the complete containers can be recycled.
- حاوية قمامة بلاستيك سعة 1100 لتر 
- ارتفاع 146.5سم
- عرض 121 سم
- الطول 137 سم
- وزن الحاوية 68كجم
- 4 عجلات (2 فرامل + 2 بدون)
- قطر العجل 200 مللي
- اللون اخضر
- صناعة ألماني
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