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Genius 700

Genius 700

Extractor cleaning machine , multivalent injection & extraction system , help to wash quickly surfaces of moquettes , carpet,armchairs,curtains,floors,walls and car seats.

The model may be used with power brushes (A Atlanta and Florida) which enable you to wash any kind of wide surfaces of carpets or floors in an extremely short time - from Soteco made in Italy.

Genius 700    
Tension / Frequency (V - Hz) 220-240 الفولت
N° of motors vacuum N°2 - Two stage عدد المواتير
Max power (w) 2400 الوات
Suction Vacuum(mBar) 247 قوة الشفط (م/بار)
Max airflow (m3/h) 420 تصريف الهواء (م٣/س)
Pump motor(w) 90 قدرة التورومبة (وات)
Pump capacity (l/min) 1.8 تصريف التورومبة (لتر/د)
Pump press (bar) 3.5 ضغط التورومبة (بار)
Detergent tank cap (l) 25 سعة خزان المنظفات (لتر)
Total Tank capacity (l) 60 سعة الخزان (لتر)
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